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We provide the first point of contact for any party seeking legal help and who are located in England and Wales.

Our Unique Referral Services

Our expert legal referral advisors are carefully chosen and highly experienced, successful and resourceful.

Free Consultations & Advice

Legal Direct makes referrals based on the information that we ascertain from the client during our consultation process.

Our Referred Associates

We endeavour to allocate your case to an expert Legal 500 solicitors' firm or direct-access barrister. 


Mediation is an important step in the legal process and one that may appear difficult for a layperson to understand and navigate.

Court Representation

Legal Direct will be able to utilise our significant network of legal professionals in order to best serve our clients. 

Criminal Law

Legal Direct is committed to facilitating the provision of legal advice to our clients at any stage of the criminal process.

Family Law

Our network of legal professionals contains many family law specialists, who will  guide you through any difficulties you may be facing.


Whatever immigration issues you face, Legal Direct will be able to ascertain the relevant issues.

Commercial Law

Our associated legal professionals are able to provide advice relating to the full spectrum of commercial law issues, including competition law.


Landlord &Tenant issues are governed by the Landlord &Tenant Acts, but there are inevitably issues of conveyancing and contract law.

Benefits Issues

Problems relating to benefits, whether they be concerned with issues of benefit fraud, Over Payment or stopped benefits.

Legal Direct does not accept any responsibility for the potential consequences of any persons relying on the statements of a Legal Direct representative or agent as legal advice. We have made it clear in all our advertising and information that we are not under any circumstances authorised to give legal advice to callers. We accept funds for Case Management and interpreting purposes only on fix fee biases.  We will instruct a solicitor from our approved list on your behalf, in some cases we may charge you for this service which can involve preparing your brief statements, interpreting which will only be used to inform our referred solicitors as to the nature of your case so that the referred solicitor is made aware as to which area of the Law your matter comes under and thereby the referred solicitor will be able to allocate the appropriate solicitor within their firm to deal with your case. All our fees will be discussed in advance, where applicable we will also offer a fixed fee option for our services which can involve instructing an SRA approved solicitor on your behalf. Once you case has been referred the solicitor firm dealing with your case will issue you with the firms client care letter explaining all their terms and conditions of their services to you.

We observe data protection act rules, which means all your details are protected.

Legal Direct Connect Ltd is  Registered in England & Wales. Company registration no : 09601183

Legal Direct is a member of FRU, IOL and ICO

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